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My artwork was born from my 20 years as a decorative painter and my love for color and texture. Textured materials that I have used on my wall finishes such as plaster, tissue paper, and sandstone often show up in my canvas artwork and the result is usually colorful and patterned with an earthy layering of texture. I draw much of my inspiration from the natural beauty of living in Vermont and in eastern Canada.

I am truly a multimedia artist. I love to paint but I also enjoy making artwork for home decor.  My hand-dyed pillows and hand-painted vinyl placemats and runners are a few of the items that I have custom designed for many of my clients.

Texture, Color, Patterns

Wall Art

While decorative painting is a fun way to add texture to your space, my canvas painting can be a more expressive way to bring in a punch of color and texture. It’s a more expressive, smaller version of my creative self. I truly find inspiration everywhere.

Home Accents

My tye-dyed pillows and hand-painted table runners and placemats are part of my home collection. I love to incorporate my decorative painting techniques into usable and decorative items for the home.


While this is not the main focus of my work, I love applying new techniques to products and accessories which gives them that unique, one-of-a-kind look and feel.

Repurposed Furniture

My business began with furniture makeovers. Do you have a great piece of furniture or kitchen cabinetry that needs a refresh? Applying a custom paint finish is usually more cost-effective than buying it new – plus it will be the color and finish you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t know what you want, yet? I can give you ideas and ideas to make it “wow!”

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